100 ข้อของซีวอน by tictoc13

1.ซีวอนกลัวผีมากๆ แต่ทำอวดเก่งไปงั้นล่ะ เจอรูปผีหรือฟังเรื่องผีหน่อยก็ร้องจ๊ากแล้ว

2.ซีวอนขี้อ้อน ขี้อ้อนมากๆ แต่จะอ้อนเฉพาะคนที่ตัวเองสนิท

3.ซีวอนชอบมาเมืองไทยมาก และโปรดปรานโรตี (มันอาหารไทยเรอะ?)





Hyun Joong for High Cut … super nice!!


April 2009 …for BOF promotion in Tokyo.


Please credit photos:  http://hi.baidu.com/murdererq

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KHJ at Saitama last night for his Unlimited tour.  He sang “Because I’m Stupid” because a fan asked him to sing it during the fan signing and he called out her name during his concert.  Oh, he is so sweet.

I love his clothes, especially that black torn jacket.  He always dresses so cool.  I’m glad the blazers are gone during this concert …I prefer his rocker look.  It makes him look edgy and casual!  The blazers made him look too formal and older than his age.

There was as screen message from KHJ during the concert:

It seems that I’ve been walking a long way, looking only direct.  From now on, looking into the future , I’d like to walk slowly, looking around me.  You who believed in me when I had a hard time, extending your hands to me, as long as you keep my hands, I will never let you go. I will hold your hands. I will walk slowly with you.

I hope he savors this year and gets to accomplish all the goals he has set for himself knowing that he’ll be enlisting in the military in the next year or so.  I already miss him thinking about it…:(


HQ Scan from Unlimited Version A … Credit MurdererQ …


HQ Scan from Unlimited Version B … Credit MurdererQ … (1/2)


HQ Scan from Unlimited Version B … Credit MurdererQ … (2/2)